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Justin Verlander for MVP

Without going into much detail, allow me to state what should be more than obvious to everyone at this point.

Justin Verlander should be the American League MVP.

I know that sounds a bit crazy considering the MVP award is typically reserved for position players, but the argument holds some merit.  In fact, it holds a lot of merit, at least from my perspective.

As a fan of the Cleveland Indians, I’m extremely familiar with Justin Verlander and his body of work.  I’ve watched him regularly dominate my team on a consistent basis for the past six seasons.  To say I’ve grown a bit sick of seeing his name come up on scouting reports would be quite the understatement.  I’ve seen him throw shutouts, I’ve seen him throw no hitters, hell… I saw him throw what came very close to a perfect game this season.  He’s a freak, always has been, but never more so than this season. Continue reading


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