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My Perspective on the Grammy’s

Ok, so let’s get one thing straight.  I didn’t voluntarily choose to watch the Grammy’s last night.  I would have much rather preferred to watch anything else on television, within reason, instead of the Grammy’s.  After all… I’m an angry, 28 year old, white male… not exactly the Grammy Committee’s target demographic.  You know how I know this?  Because the only musical act that I actually listen to that played any part in last night’s monstrosity is the Foo Fighters.  Other than them I could really give a crap about any or all of it.

But of course, I live with a 25 year old female who watches E! News and goes to Perez Hilton 14 times a day after her totally necessary and seemingly mandatory first 20 visits to Perez Hilton every day.  Needless to say… she eats this crap up with a spoon.  Naturally, because I’m such a loving fiancée who takes an active interest in the interests of my partner… and because I like it better when she’s not made at me… I sat down and watched it with her, red carpet event included.

These are my take aways, in no particular order: Continue reading


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