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Are The Cavs Jeopardizing Their Future?

The Cavs are 6-6.

Think about that for a second.  The Cavs are 6-6 and currently sit at seventh place in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.  That’s exciting news, right?

Wrong! So very, very wrong.

While I’ll admit, seeing the Cavs playing well, competing and stirring things up in the East is exciting.  It would be even more exciting if this wasn’t year one of the rebuilding of the Cavaliers (No, last year doesn’t count as rebuilding.  Last year was therapy and losing brought together in order to begin the rebuild).  The Cavs aren’t supposed to be good this year.  In fact, being good is probably the worst thing that could happen to them at this stage of the game. Continue reading

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Cavs and the NBA Trade Deadline

Are Anthony Parker's days as a Cavalier numbered?

The countdown to the NBA trading deadline is quickly approaching all zeros and so far the Cavs have yet to make a move.  However, there have been grumblings that involve the Cavs in a “major move” that would involve a major influx of talent to the Cavs roster.  Those were the exact word of former Cavs beat writer and current ESPN beat writer Brian Windhorst.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to provide any names of the players involved in this possible trade because it’s been kept that secretive.  Whether or not this supposed trade comes to fruition on Thursday, we’ll have to wait and find out. Continue reading


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Cavs Win!


And I know nothing about NBA basketball… or yesterday’s entry was the greatest revers jinx in the history of reverse jinxes.

The Cavs finally got off the shnide last night, beating the Los Angeles Clippers in overtime, 126-119.  Bedlam ensued afterwards as confetti rained from the rafters, the Cavs celebrated with one another, and fans danced in the aisles.  It was a fantastic scene. Continue reading

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Blake “The Grim Leaper” Griffin is Coming for Souls

Let’s just get this out in the open from the start.  The Cavs aren’t winning tonight.  They aren’t beating the Clippers.  This isn’t an attempt at a reverse jinx after the kiss of death I put on them Wednesday.  This is a fact and it comes down to one basic fact… There is no one on the Cavs roster that can guard Blake Griffin.

Name me one player.  Seriously… I’m waiting,  Alonzo Gee?  Ryan Hollins?  Joey Graham?  Antawn Jamison?


It’s games like this one where the problem with the Cavaliers is glaringly obvious.  There is not enough talent on this team, as currently constructed, to compete in the NBA.  If you want to be one of the top teams in the NBA you need a superstar.  It’s a fact of life along with women are insane and men are slobs.  Yes, occasionally there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part these facts hold true. Continue reading

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Cavs Run Losing Streak to 17, but Keep it Close


The weight of losing is beginning to take it's toll on the Cavaliers

What’s there left to say about the Cavaliers that hasn’t already been said a million times by either myself, local, or national media?  Not much.  They’re not good.  Hell, they aren’t even competitive at this point, at least until last night that is.

Last night the Cavaliers traveled to New Jersey to take on the equally craptastic Nets.  Taking one look at the schedule and it was apparent to everyone that this game was their best possible chance to get a win.  Unfortunately they weren’t able to seize the opportunity, losing the game in heartbreaking fashion, 103-101.  With games coming up against the Celtics, Nuggets, Magic and Heat, it’s safe to say this losing streak is going to continue for a while. Continue reading

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