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NFL Mock Draft: Version 15,837

The NFL Draft is tonight.  That’s odd because the NFL doesn’t actually have a league right now.  Or do they?

Ok, they do… sorta.

Well, it’s complicated.

How the hell can it be complicated?  Either you have a league or you don’t.  According to the court system and players there apparently is a league and it’s open for business.  According to the owners and their plethora of attorneys… not so much.  I honestly have no clue what’s going on and I could care less.  I hate this time of the year.  There’s so much else going on right now and none of it gets the attention it deserves because of the draft.  It’s all anyone wants to talk about.  I get why, but is it necessary.  Do we really need 15,000 different mock drafts each week to tell us absolutely nothing at all?  Apparently… yes we do. Continue reading


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The 2010 Cleveland Browns in Retrospect…

Before analyzing what the Browns should do in the draft this year, it is imperative to first dissect where we’ve gone in the past year.  Granted, the Browns didn’t go very far in terms of record, but they did look substantially improved at least in a competitive sense.  That being said things still weren’t very good.  The Browns stumbled to another 5-11 record and while yes, many questions were answered in 2010, we were still left with substantially more questions.

But those questions can be addressed via the draft.  For now let’s just have some fun with the 2010 Cleveland Browns as we take a nostalgic look back at the season that was with the first ever Die-Hard Night Cleveland Browns Post-Post Season Pre-Draft Awards.  That’s right… it’s the DHNCBPPSPDA’s… umm… How about we just call them the Cleveland Scat Awards.  It’s easy enough for people to make poop jokes about the “Browns” considering how “not crappy” they tend to play…so why not add more fuel to the fire. Continue reading

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Monday Quick Hits

And today is a day where I introduce a new feature on a whim.  Welcome to “Quick Hits” or as it should be called, “I was too lazy to update over the weekend, too much stuff happened, too much is going on, and I’m not sure what to write about.”  I thought that title would be a little long so I decided on “Quick Hits.”  We’ll see how this goes.  So without further adieu…

1.  What did we learn this week about the NFL?:  The basic lesson we should have all learned is that home field advantage is becoming less and less important.  This weekend there were four playoff games, the road teams won three of the four.  Thanks to the new more spacious state of the art stadiums home field advantage is disappearing.  One only has to look at what has transpired over the past few seasons.  The only time home field matters is when it’s an old school dome (New Orleans, Atlanta, Minnesota) is engineered to hold sound in (Seattle) or conditions can go beyond arctic (Green Bay, Chicago, New England, and maybe Pittsburgh).  More often than not we’re seeing road playoff teams have success.  This weekend should be interesting with Baltimore, Seattle, Green Bay, and New York traveling to four of the locations I mentioned above.  Stay tuned.

2.  The Cavs Suck: Ok, so this isn’t any kind of new revelation, but things just got worst.  Anderson Varejao is done for the year with a torn tendon in his right foot.  Not only have the Cavs lost their starting center, but with it they lost their most valuable trade chip.  Thanks to Varejao’s injury we can look forward to a steady diet of J.J. Hickson and Ryan Hollins at center the rest of the season.  Thankfully in his first start at center this season Hickson poured in 23 points and grabbed 17 rebounds.  Looks like he’s had a bit of an attitude adjustment.  Manny Harris has also been a revelation as of late.  After putting in 16 versus the Warriors on Friday, Harris put in a career high 27 and 11 last night.  It’ll be fun to see just how good he can be.

3.  Antawn Jamison on his way out of town?:  Jamison has been one of the few bright spots for the Cavaliers recently.  He’s been able to stay on the floor and as a result has become a scoring machine.  If he can keep this going and increase his value past the all-star break I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Cavs move him to a contender desperate to make a move.  It hasn’t been talked about at all, but with Caron Butler out the rest of the season with a torn knee tendon the Mavericks will need a scorer.  Jamison has been in Dallas before where he won the sixth man of the year award so there appears to be a good fit.  It will just come down to where the Mavs stand in the West shuffle after the break and how desperate they are to make a move and what pieces they have to give back in exchange.  If not Dallas then perhaps in a three way deal in order to help a contender and free up cap space for the Cavs and a second team.  Regardless, I don’t see Jamison ending the year as a Cavalier.

4.  Rizzo Shaved his head for charity:  On Friday morning’s edition of the Really Big Show, Rizz shaved his head for charity and in the process raised somewhere around $11,000 for Littlest Heroes.  It was a noble move for a great cause.  Of course, the crew made a point to video tape the head shaving and after watching the video last night all I can say is “WOW!”  Apparently the rumors that were swirling for years about Rizzo wearing a hair piece were true.  It shouldn’t be that big of a deal to shave off all your hair when you don’t have any to begin with.  I was looking at old photos and videos trying to figure out if I was seeing things.  Sure enough at the end of the video he declares “I’m done with TV and after 14 years of wearing hair I’m done!  I’m going low maintenance!”  So I guess that settles that.  RIP Rizzo’s rug.  Check out the video below.

5.  Pat Shurmur is in the lead in the clubhouse:  Coming out of the weekend it appears that St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is the top candidate for the vacant Browns head coaching job.  Apparently he impresses Holmgren and Heckert and it is believed they like the work he has done in the past with Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, and Sam Bradford.  Throw in the fact he plans to run the same west coast offense he learned under Andy Reid, the same offense Holmgren taught Reid, and it would appear this is a match made in heaven.  Of course there are still more interviews to be made.  With Philadelphia eliminated, expect Marty Mornhinweg to be in any day for an interview.  They still have to interview Perry Fewal, and they’ve already interviewed Mike Mularkey.  Let’s see who else turns up in Berea.

6.  College football finally comes to an end:  The wait is finally over.  Auburn and Oregon finally square off tonight in the “National Championship Game.”  One of these two teams will be crowned the best in the country despite the fact that TCU is also undefeated.  So in the grand scheme of things does this game really matter?  No, not at all.  Tonight’s game will simply serve as a battle of corporate marketing as the Nike Day Glow Yellow Oregon Ducks try to beat the We Must Protect This House Under Armour Clad Auburn Tigers in the Tostitos National Title Game presented by Random Company X on ESPN and it’s ABC family of Disney broadcasting.  You get the idea.  You might say I’m a bit turned off by the whole thing.  Will I watch it?  Probably and only because I do think it’ll be a good game.  My prediction: Oregon 34 – Auburn 31.

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Good Thing the Game Doesn’t Count

Good job, Buckeyes.  Good Job.

Big news out of Columbus today as rumors are beginning to run rampant concerning the Buckeyes and possible NCAA rules violations. 

According to reports, several Buckeyes received free tattoos from a Columbus tattoo shop in exchange for their autographs.  Among those believed to be involved in the signature bartering are quarterback Terrelle Pryor and running back Dan Herron.  While there has yet to be any proof that wrong doing occurred, it is quickly spiraling into a huge national story.

Should the Buckeyes be found in violation of NCAA rules, there is a very strong possibility that those who took part could find themselves suspended for the Sugar Bowl on January 4.  This would be a huge blow for a team that is looking to get the SEC monkey off of it’s back against Arkansas.  Losing Pryor would be the biggest blow for the team because he is the most integral part of the OSU offensive attack.  Losing Pryor immediately makes Arkansas the favorite and there is very little in the way of evidence to think otherwise.

Of course, OSU is already in spin control.  OSU’s athletic director will be meeting with the media today to address the situation.  Terrelle Pryor also came to his defense last night on Twitter stating explicitly “I paid for my tattoos.”  Thanks for the reassurance TPeezy2.  I’m not worried at all now.

As bad as things may look for the Buckeyes right now there is a silver lining to all of this.  The Buckeys are playing in a BCS bowl game.  There is no way that the BCS, NCAA, or sponsors are going to allow key players, specifically Pryor, to be suspended for the Sugar Bowl.  No Pryor would remove any and all interest in the game.  Less interest means lower ratings, loss of ad revenue, and would render the game itself meaningless… not that it isn’t meaningless to begin with, but I digress.  My point is that greed will prevail and the Buckeyes will get either a slap on the wrist, or “further investigation will be needed” and suspensions won’t occur until the beginning of next year when OSU plays one of their powder-puff non-conference opponents.

Regardless of how you come out on this, it points to a much bigger issue that keeps showing its ugly face year after year.  The issue of course being that everyone is getting rich off of college athletes except for the athletes.  If they attempt to profit in any way from their fame or who they are, the NCAA comes down on them like none other.  Fact of the matter is that this case against the Buckeyes isn’t even that bad, at least in my opinion.  Free tattoos for a few autographs… really?  That’s a big deal?  I just don’t see it.  Whether or not you agree with me is up to you.  All I know is that they could have done a lot worse things.

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The Cam Newton Dilemma

Cam Newton: Heisman winner or vacated memory?

To vote for Cam Newton, or not vote for Cam Newton… That is the question.

Tonight the nation will see Cam Newton win the Heisman Trophy amid numerous questions about his integrity and eligibility.  As anyone who’s paid any attention to the situation knows Cam Newton has faced questions all year as a result of his father shopping his talents to the highest bidder.  The situation has caused a national debate about whether or not he deserves the award and if not who else should win it.

The obvious solution is to award the trophy to Newton.  End of story.

Despite what we’ve come to learn about Cecil Newton looking to cash in early on his son’s talents, there is no denying what Cam Newton has done on the field.  He led the Auburn Tigers through a brutal SEC schedule to an undefeated season and a trip to the national title game against Oregon.  In the process, Newton has been nothing short of an upstanding citizen.  The questions surrounding him don’t even involve him, they involve his father.  There is no proof that Cam knew what his father was doing.  In all honesty, there probably isn’t any way to know what he knows.  Yes it’s a tricky situation, no doubt, but should that effect what we’ve seen on the field?  I say no.

Cam Newton is the best player in college football.  Andrew Luck, LaMichael James, and Kellen Moore are great players, but Newton has out shined them all each and every week.  If any of those players manages the upset and wins the award you won’t hear any complaining from me, but we’ll all know who should have won.

Many critics of the situation point to the Reggie Bush debacle as a reason why Newton shouldn’t win the award.  They don’t want to see the award stripped from another player after the fact.  Bush, as you may recall, was ruled ineligible

This and thousands of other pictures online prove Bush played for USC... Sorry NCAA

after the fact and returned the award years after winning it.  Rather than awarding the award to Vince Young, the Heisman committee chose to leave the award vacant.  The entire situation in and of itself was just dumb.  Bush was ruled ineligible, his records were stripped, and any proof that he attended USC was wiped away.  Am I just supposed to forget he played?  Apparently, at least according to the NCAA.

The problem with that is even though the NCAA ruled Bush ineligible… He was eligible.  He played.  It happened.  You can’t just undo it.  Am I just supposed to forget that Reggie Bush was one of the most electrifying players ever?  Nope, can’t do it.  Reggie Bush was amazing and he won the Heisman Trophy.  End of discussion.

So tonight when Cam Newton walks up on stage and accepts the Heisman Trophy it won’t be for the next four years or however long until the truth comes out.  It’s forever.  He was ruled eligible, he played, he won… and it was amazing.

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