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David Stern and The Mishandling of Chris Paul

What is the NBA doing?  Better yet, what the hell is David Stern doing?  I don’t really think anyone knows what Stern is doing at this point given the recent debacle that’s been his handling of the Hornets.  There have been two trades in a week that he has single-handedly destroyed thanks to his inability, or unwillingness to let Hornets GM Dell Demps call the shots.  Now the Hornets, as well as the teams involved, have been left reeling and trying to pick up the pieces.

Sure, I wasn’t 100% in favor of seeing Chris Paul traded to the Lakers.  For starters, I don’t want another super team that will make it nearly impossible for the Cavs or any other small market team to compete for a championship.  I also didn’t want to see Paul leave the Hornets.  I live in New Orleans and he’s meant a tremendous amount to this community.  He’s been very LeBron like in his role within the community and his embracing of everything that is New Orleans.  Now, just like with LeBron, the fans are feeling betrayed and would rather see him gone at this point.  Unfortunately, that seems like it will be virtually impossible to accomplish at this point. Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: NBA Edition



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The Cavs Should Draft Derrick Williams

The Cavs need to draft Derrick Williams.

After the display he put on last night showing off his absurd combination of size, speed, and athleticism I feel like every time we watch Arizona we are watching the best player in college basketball.  His stat line last night just further emphasized this, 32 points and 13 rebounds against one of the top teams in the country.  Let’s not forget about the ridiculous put back dunk he had early in the first half and the hammer he threw down during the second half that seemed to be the exclamation mark on the Wildcat comeback. Continue reading

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The NBA’s Home Stretch… Part Deux!

This is Part Two of the NBA Home Stretch article.  For Part One click here

Side note… this is post #100 so congrats to me on that.  I expect cards, balloons, and money from all of you for such an accomplishment.  The fact that I’ve stuck with this and made it to 100 is truly amazing.  For those of you who have been reading and keeping up over all this time I say sincerely… Thank you!  Here’s to 100 more posts!


Part Two, The Playoff Teams.  At least if the playoffs started today. Continue reading

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“Tonight’s the Night… And It’s Going to Happen…”

Before I get into today’s post I want to draw all of your attention to an article on CNNSI.com this morning.  Luke Winn, who writes “Inside College Basketball” did a hell of an analysis on some the top freshman in the country.  Really good stuff.  I thought it was important considering that the Cavs look primed to pick one of these players and everyone and anyone seems to have an opinion on it.  Here is the link How Have America’s Top Freshman Progressed

Anyways, getting back to the business at hand.

The Cavs take on the Detroit Pistons tonight at the Q in what is the first game of an eight game home stand.  I’m calling my shot right now.  Tonight’s the night… Continue reading

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