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Mavericks Win the Title; Good Defeats Evil

The Mavericks defeated the Heat last night.  I’m extatic.  All feels right in the world as good once again defeated evil and LeBron James was sent home packing once again without a championship.  I feel so terrible for him… no really, I do…

HAHAHA!  Who am I trying to kid?  LeBron got what he deserved.  Now when is the victory parade?  When is the dedication for the Dirk Nowitzki statue that deserves to be built out in front of the Q?  When do the Mavs come to town next year so we can give them a standing ovation?  In all honesty, if this is what it feels like to win a title in any professional sport than sign me up.  Even though Dallas is notoriously not in Ohio, I still feel like a victory for the Mavs was a victory for all of us.

To the surprise of no one, Dirk was named the MVP of the Finals.  All he did was carry the Mavericks to victory in the series.  He dominated the fourth quarters of pretty much every game, and despite his struggles in the first half last night, he was the key cog in putting them over the hump in quarters 3 and 4. 

The victory over Miami also served as redemption for Dirk.  Five years ago Dirk and the Mavs lost a heartbreaker of a series to the Miami Heat.  This time around though there was no miracle comeback for the Heat.  There were no heroics by Dwyane Wade leading his team to victory… despite the fact that he played his ass off for most of the Finals.  Dirk did what Dirk needed to do and in the process solidifed his status as one of the greatest players to every suit up in the NBA.  He’s no longer soft, or a choker, or the best player without a title.  He’s now simply an NBA Champion, as is his sidekick, Jason Terry, his last remaining teammate from 2006 who had the balls to tattoo the championship trophy onto his arm before the season started to serve as motivation.

Not to be forgotten in all of this are the rest of the Dallas Mavericks.  While Dirk get’s the majority of the headlines, and to a lesser extent Jason Terry, the Mavericks as a whole are the reason why they will enter the 2011-2012 season as the defending champs.  Jason Kidd, who has endured years of losing and close calls in persuit of a chamionship finally reached the summit.  This title will serve as the icing on the cake of what has already been a hall of fame career.  Tyson Chandler, the back bone of the Mavericks defense emerged as the beast everyone thought he’d be when he was drafted by Chicago 10 years ago.  JJ Barrea proved that even though he’s diminutive in stature, he has balls the size of watermelons.  Not to be forgotten are Brian Cardinal, Shawn Marion, Ian Mahinmi, Peja Stojakovic, Brendan Heywood, and of course LeBron’s long time nemesis… DeShawn Stevenson.  Yes, DeShawn Stevenson has more rings than “The King.”  Life is funny like that sometimes.

Stevenson to LBJ after the game via T-Shirt: "Hey LeBron! How's my Dirk taste?"

The victory also gave Dallas owner Mark Cuban the title he had so desperately been hunting since he purchased the Mavs a little over a decade ago.  He’s butted heads with David Stern, he’s fought with officials, and he’s made about a million moves in the process.  Some were good, some were not so good, but in the end the only move that truly mattered was entrusting his franchise to the big German.  Cuban hitched his wagon to Dirk and vice versa.  The end reult is a championship duo that will most likely go down as one of the greatest owner/player relationships ever.  And what’s not to love about Cuban?  You can tell he legitimately enjoyed winning this title, as if the $hit bombs he dropped on sportscenter and a cigar smoking photo of himself weren’t proof enough.

The story of course though is LeBron James.  He didn’t show up for the Finals at all.  Game 6 proved to be yet another craptastic entry into the legacy of LeBron James.  How and why he continues to fail in these situations is anyone’s best guess.  I don’t understand it.  No one does.  He’s too talented to play as poorly as he did in this series.  Depite that, he faces another offseason of tough questions and introspection.  He should probably also think about developing a low post game.  Eight years in and I think it’s safe to say that the strategy of shooting 3′s and driving to the basket isn’t getting the job done.  LeBron will need to develop a go to low post move, fade away, or something… anything if he’s serious about winning a title.  Then again, eight years in an he’s yet to even think about it.  At this point it might be safe to say he’ll never really learn.

For the time being I’d like to dedicate a song to LeBron.  It’s by a group of  punk rock verterans who hail from the Dallas area and just so coincidentally are Dallas Mavericks fans.  That’s right… It’s Bowling for Soup.  I’ll allow the song to explain itself, but I’m pretty sure you’ll all get the point.  Happy Offseason, LeBron!  Cleveland Rocks!

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Miami Heat Playing the Role of WWE Heal; Openly Mock Dirk on Camera

The Miami Heat complain that we don’t like them.  They whine and cry that the world is only happy when they lose.  The Big Three sulk that all season long they’ve been booed, jeered, and belittled for their decision to come together for the greater good of the concept of team work.

Me personally, I say why the hell don’t you all just shut up and play basketball and remind us all of why at one point we all pretty much liked you.  Make us forget how and why we hate you and ball it up.  I never had a problem with any of the three prior to their decision to come together.  Now I can’t stand the sight of them.

Then a funny thing happened.  Thanks to his play in these Finals, I began thinking to myself, “You know what?  I really don’t mind Dwyane Wade.  In fact, I think I kinda like him as a basketball player again.”  Wade has channeled his inner Jordan these past few games.  You can tell he absolutely does not want to lose.  He had kinda, sorta, almost won me over with his play.

And then I saw this clip today.  It basically looks like a crappy WWE promo you’d see on any edition of Monday Night Raw.  In it, Lebron and Wade are walking down the entrance hallway of the arena in Dallas and begin openly mocking Dirk and his 102 degree fever from game 4.  They then proceed to readjust their hats about 437 times.  As if that’s not enough, they then throw in a joke about New Balances and do this awkward half hug thing.  With the way they were laughing you’d swear they had just created the world’s next greatest joke.  In 1 minute any and all good will I had begun to develop towards D-Wade had been destroyed.  LeBron didn’t do himself any favors either.  Socks with sandals… really?

Here’s the clip… Be warned, the levels of douchebaggery are off the charts.

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Dallas Frustrates LeBron; Now One Win Away from the Ship

The Dallas Mavericks said their shots would eventually fall.  Give them some credit.  They knew what they were talking about.

The Mavericks held off the Heat again last night, 112-103, and in the process pulled themselves to within one win of winning the NBA title.  They now find themselves in an opportune situation heading to Miami leading the series 3-2.  Dallas now has two chances to win one game and step into their place in history.

For the Heat it’s the exact opposite.  The Heat were the favorites heading into this series.  After finding their mojo against the Celtics and Bulls, everyone assumed the Mavs would be nothing more than a speed bump on the way to their coronation as the top team in all of basketball.  Instead they find themselves in their first win or go home situation of these playoffs which has only been compounded by Dwyane Wade’s hip injury and LeBron’s continuous pooping of the bed. Continue reading

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Solving the Mystery that is LeBron

It’s been well over 24 hours since the conclusion of Game 4 of the NBA Finals.  In the time between then and now almost anyone and everyone has weighed in on what exactly we all saw and why we saw it in the first place.  Of course, if you’ve been paying attention, you’d realize that I’m referring to the performance of LeBron James.

Literally everyone has jumped into the pool to voice their opinion on why they think LeBron crapped the bed.  Normally I’d be right there with everyone else, wading through the kiddie area and into the deep end, but given the situation and circumstances surrounding them I needed time to digest everything.  I didn’t want to pile on, as easy as that would be.  I didn’t want to formulate the same basic opinion as everyone else that would essentially be lost as white noise.

Anyone who pays attention to this site knows that I am a die-hard Clevelander to the core.  I haven’t held back in my unabashed displeasure with all things LeBron James since July 7, 2010.  It would be easy and even enjoyable to sit here and bash him as a loser and a choke artist.  If and when they finally fall to the Mavs I’ll probably do that.  The Clevelander in me wants to make fun of him and tear him to bits.  

The basketball fan in me is just saddened by everything and this time around I’m taking the high road.  I’m not going to defend LeBron by any means, but I want to explain what we all “witnessed” on Tuesday night.  I know, I’m as shocked as the rest of you, but I’ve really thought this one through. Continue reading

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Mavericks Deliver a Gut Shot to the Heat

Ladies and Gentlemen… We have ourselves a series.

Last night the Mavericks did the unthinkable and in the process restored faith to the entire NBA nation outside of Miami.  It was a great win coming back from 15 down in the fourth quarter, thanks to a 22-5 run, despite the fact that for the greater majority of the 4th quarter the Mavericks played like crap.  Then again a lot of the credit probably has to go to Dwyane Wade and Lebron James.  Their little mini celebration of their assumed awesomeness in front of the Mavericks bench appeared to be the catalyst for the comeback.  Good job!… idiots. Continue reading


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