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The Aftermath: Browns vs. Bills


Well… That was awful.

The Browns lost to the Bills yesterday, and quite frankly I wish I hadn’t bothered watching it.  The whole game was frustrating.  Watching the Jake Delhomme era makes me want to throw a shoe through my very expensive television.  I’m saying this once and for all, Jake. Delhomme. Sucks. Period.  We need Colt back.  Hell, we could even use Seneca Wallace at this point.  Speaking of which, where is Seneca Wallace?  We saw him make a cameo on a handoff sometime in the second quarter.  Good to know Seneca is still alive.

The offense was anything but effective.  They converted only two third downs and after half time never ventured into Buffalo territory.  To make matters worse, the Browns fumbled the ball.  Then they fumbled some more.  Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly fumble again… they fumbled again.  atrocious.  Absolutely atrocious.  The inability to hold onto the ball made the offense feel very disjointed and constantly killed any and all momentum.

I would like to give a tip of the cap to the Bills.  They played hard and managed to keep Peyton Hillis in check after a very impressive first drive.  In addition to that, they did what they needed to do to win.  They avoided the big mistake and managed the elements.  No big plays on their part, but they didn’t shoot themselves in the foot either.  That’s something you can’t say about the Browns.

I think they fumbled again.

So with all of that in mind, can we please…Please…PLEASE! end the Jake Delhomme era?  I’m begging, pleading even to end this misery.  Bring in a witch doctor, call a priest, purchase a hyperbolic chamber for Colt to sleep in.  Get Colt McCoy back on the field.  The Browns looked good with him, they look like total crap without him.  He’s a player and looks like the answer to the Browns quarterback conundrum. 

The Browns just fumbled again…

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Preview: Browns vs. Bills

The Browns travel to Buffalo today to take on the struggling Buffalo Bills in what has seemingly become the annual battle of cellar dwellers.  Fortunately for the Browns, they’ve been able escape the death grip that is last place in the AFC North.

The Bills come into today’s game at 2-10 but can not be overlooked as pushovers.  They have been competitive in many of their games and by all accounts are better than their 2-10 record suggests.  The Bills may have finally found a solid core to build around in Ryan Fitzpatrick, Steve Johnson, Fred Jackson, and Lee Evans.  Many in the local media felt that this would be an easy game for the Browns at the start of the year and many still do based on Buffalo’s record.  I think it will be a lot closer, especially considering the weather could play a role in the outcome.

The Browns will come into today’s game being led by Jake Delhomme for the third week in a row.  Once again the main question will be “Can Jake not lose the game?”  It’s an important question.  Even though the Browns have won the past two games with Delhomme under center, it hasn’t exactly gone smoothly.  He’s had a lot of near misses when it come to game changing interceptions.  Hopefully this week isn’t the week.  God, I hate the Jake Delhomme era.

It looks like things will rest squarely on the shoulders of Peyton Hillis for yet another week.  This is beginning to sound like a broken record, but he gives the Browns the best chance for victory.  He’s a beast.  If the weather plays a role and this games a snow game look for a steady diet of Peyton Hillis.  The less the Browns try to throw the ball the better off they’ll be today versus the Bills.

Speaking of Hillis, with 38 more yards he will pass the 1,000 yards rushing mark.  This is significant for two reasons.  First because Hillis would be the third Browns running back to eclipse the 1000 yard mark since Kevin Mack in 1985.  The other two Browns to reach the feat were Reuben Droughns in 2005 and Jamal Lewis in 2007.  The second reason this is significant is because Hillis would be the first white running back since Craig James in 1982 to eclipse 1000 yards rushing.  While I could care less about race and things dealing with race this is important for one reason.  It breaks a stereotype that white running backs have to be big, slow, bulky runners good for nothing but 2 yard gains and blocking.  You can’t help but feel the emergence of Hillis will open some doors for other white running backs.  Kudos Peyton Hillis, even though this is 2010 and race shouldn’t matter in anything, but kudos none the less.


5 Things to Look For:

  1. Can Jake Delhomme PLEASE not lose today’s game?
  2. Will the Browns take advantage of the Bills having one of the worst run defenses in the league and let Peyton Hillis run wild?
  3. How big of a factor will the weather play in today’s game?  Whichever team adjusts better will win the game.
  4. Can the Browns pass defense stop what has become a formidable trio in Ryan Fitzpatrick, Steve Johnson, and Lee Evans?
  5. Jake Delhomme… that is all

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Better Late Than Never…

So I’m about a day late in writing this article, but hey cut me some slack.  Sunday night and all day yesterday I was on a hunger strike.  My body, in particular my stomach, decided that it didn’t want food and the mere thought of it would send me running to the latrines.  Fuuuuuuuuuuun times… or you know not at all.


I missed the Browns game on Sunday so I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I did.  I had to go to a birthday party.  So instead of sitting in agony watching the Browns barely beat the Dolphins I spent my Sunday surrounded by a bunch of 5-year-old girls… and catching some type of 24 hour stomach virus.  It was awesome.  My knowledge of Barbie has grown exponentially.

Anyways… again…

The Browns beat the Dolphins and have run their record to 5-7.  With each and every passing week we can’t help but sit and wonder what kind of opportunities we let slip through our fingers.  At 5-7 the Browns technically are still mathematically alive for the playoffs.  The part that sucks is the Browns could very well be 7-5 or 8-4, if not better.  Wasted opportunities all around.

Many people, at least that I’ve heard calling in to the local radio shows, are saying the Browns won in spite of Jake Delhomme.  I say “who cares?”  A win is a win is a win.  We all know Delhomme isn’t the answer.  It looks more and more like Colt McCoy is the long-term answer for the quarterback position, at least for now.  So should it really matter that at times Delhomme tried to lose the game?  No.  We won.  There have been years in which we would have killed for a win.  Now all of a sudden we’re going to complain about how we get them?  I was unaware that the Browns had achieved such grand status in the league that people could criticize the quality and style of wins.  Get over it.  We won.  Be happy.

Of course as the season drags on it’s getting harder and harder to figure out where the Browns actually stand in the league.  Against top-notch competition the Browns have risen to the moment and laid the smack down.  Against sub par competition the Browns have looked like crap.  They’ve won games where it’s like “wow they should have lost” and lost games where it’s like “wow, they should have won that game.”  So are the Browns better than we think?  Are the Browns worse than we think?

Victories against New England and New Orleans make us believe the Browns are better than we thought this year.  Both were convincing victories and both of those teams are among the elite.  On the flip side of things, we’ve lost games to Kansas City, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville.  All of those teams were thought to be sub par but are now in contention to win their divisions.  What does that say about the Browns that we couldn’t beat three of the more elite looking teams?  We barely lost to the Jets, a team that at the time looked like they were among the league’s elite.  Tell me how that loss looks after last night’s beat down in New England and the realization that the Jets have one win against a team over .500.

The Browns look on pace to finish the year 7-9.  This is improvement over last year’s season.  But how does it compare?  Part of this is the result of the ever-growing parity in the NFL.  Any team can beat anyone on any given Sunday.  Maybe the Browns record will just need to be taken at face value.  Did the win column improve from last year to this year and overall, did watching the team feel different from the previous year?

The answers to those questions has to be yes on both counts.  An improved record has to be a sign of improvement.  Last year we felt hopeless watching this team.  This year it’s been nothing but hope.  Like I said earlier, the Browns could very well be leading the division had they not blown several fourth quarter leads.  With that in mind it looks like Mangini has earned the right to coach this team another year.  Then again there are four games left.  Anything can happen in the NFL.  We see it each and every week.

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Preview: Browns vs. Dolphins

So this week the Browns take their talents to Miami and will look to do something their basketball brethren couldn’t do… Beat the crap out of a team from Miami.  It should be an interesting game.  We can officially say that no one knows what to expect from the Browns on a week to week basis.  This is mainly due in part to the Browns playing up or down to their competition.  Against the NFL’s elite the Browns come out with a passion and fight that is out of this world.  Against the “little sisters of the poor” the Browns tend to have crapfest.

That leads up to today’s game against the “mammals.”  The Dolphins have had a year that has been filled with as many peaks and valleys as the Browns.  The Dolphins have gone through quarterbacks, they’ve played better on the road than at home, the wildcat has come and gone and come again.  It’s hard to know what to expect out of them.  This makes for a game that’s not predictable at all.  I can see this game going any number of ways.  Dolphins blowout, Browns blowout, close game for either team.  No clue.  None.

At least it should serve as an entertaining game.  So with that in mind…

Five Things to Look for:

  1. Can Jake Delhomme not lose today’s game?  Is that asking too much?  What happened to Seneca Wallace?
  2. Can the Browns defense make things difficult for Chad Henne, who has been shaky at best all year?
  3. Will the Browns try to take pressure off of Jake Delhomme by focusing primarily on running the ball with Peyton Hillis, a given, and more creative offensive play calling like we saw in our wins this year?
  4. Will the Dolphins use more of the wildcat to compensate for the shaky performance of Chad Henne?  If they do, can the Browns stop it?
  5. Seriously… Can Jake Delhomme not lose today’s game?  Jake… I’m begging you… just throw the ball away.

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The Aftermath: Panthers vs. Browns

Well that was fun.  The Browns managed not to blow today’s game vs. the lowly Carolina Panthers.  Unfortunately this wasn’t the blow out we were looking for.  Instead, the Browns needed veteran kicker John Kasey to push a field goal wide left in the waning seconds to preserve a 24-23 victory.

Not exactly a convincing victory, but hey, a win is a win and we’ll take them any way we can get them at this point.


5 Things To Look For

  1. Can the Browns commit to the run game and ride Peyton Hillis to victory?  Will we also see more of the trickery that made us so successful against New Orleans and New England, and less of the vanilla offense we saw in Jacksonville? They sure did.  Peyton Hillis was in full on beast mode today.  Three touchdowns and 131 yards rushing, as well as 63 yards receiving.  That’s a huge game.  Good to see the Browns were able to commit to the running game today.  Hillis is the reason the Browns won the game today.
  2. Can Jake Delhomme not lose the game?  He tried, especially on the interception he threw late in the second quarter.  Fortunately enough for Delhomme, Peyton Hillis was an unstoppable force and he didn’t have to do much.  There was some rust but he was able to make just enough plays to not lose the game.
  3. How will the Browns respond as a team after letting a very winnable game slip out of their grasp last week?  Will there be a fire lit under them or will they come out flat against a 1-9 Panthers team?  They didn’t look like a team who had been disappointed last week.  They put last week behind them and focused on the present and got themselves a win.
  4. How will the Browns offense handle the leadership of Jake Delhomme.  Over the past few weeks the offense has looked sharp and more alive under the leadership of McCoy.  Will they be flat now that their new-found leader is down and out?  They performed better than I thought they would t be honest.  I thought they might come out a little more flat after losing their new leader, but they proved me wrong.  They came out fired up and looked assertive early.  That’s a huge positive.
  5. Can the Browns defense, which has been so good this year, shut down a pathetically weak Panthers offense?  They will need to stop the run game first and foremost, but if they pull ahead can they clamp down, dominate the battles on the line, and force three and outs?  Can the secondary build on last week’s amazing performance?  That would be a no.  They managed to give up 23 points and allowed the Panthers to keep the game close, too close actually.  A 1-9 team should have been dominated.  The Panthers looked to be on an equal footing with the Browns.  That in and of itself is kind of disturbing considering the progress we thought we had been making.

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