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Can the Celtics Extinguish the Heat?

Tonight, when the Boston Celtics take the court they will have the chance to save the world from the forces of evil. Ok, maybe it’s not that dire, but this is still pretty huge by basketball standards. After winning game 5 of their Eastern Conference Finals showdown against the Miami Heat, the Celtics can send them packing and thus wasting another year of the Miami Heat’s championship window. Continue reading


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Boston vs. Miami Battle Royal

Game 5 of the Eastern Conference battle between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat takes place in roughly three hours. The big story revolving around tonight’s game is three-fold.

1. Can Chris Bosh, if he successfully manages to play, have any type of significant impact on the outcome of the game?

2. Can the Boston Celtics keep the fast breaking Miami Heat at bay and head back to Boston the definitive favorites with a 3-2 lead in the series?

3. Can the Miami Heat, with all of their problems closing out games late, overcome the inevitable late game surge and force Boston into a must win game 6 situation? Continue reading

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The Elbow’s Connected to the Heart Bone

When Rajon Rondo's elbow bent sideways and backwards, all of Boston held their breath...

The human elbow is the region surrounding the elbow-joint the ginglymus or hinge joint in the middle of the arm.  Three bones form the elbow joint: the humerus of the upper arm, and the paired radius and ulna of the forearm.

For the Boston Celtics the human elbow mean’s everything right now.  It’s a symbol of guts and courage and it’s attached to the body of Rajon Rondo… all 6′ 1″ 171 lbs. of him. Continue reading

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Can the Celtics Turn Things Around?

The Celtics take on the Heat tonight in what can only be described as a must win.  They’re down 2-0 in their series and haven’t looked at all like the team that beat the Heat three times earlier this season and looked like the team to beat.  Right now not so much.  Right now analysts are looking for moral victories in their last two losses.  The common theme has been that the games are close even though the Celtics haven’t been playing their best.

To an extent the Heat look unstoppable right now.  The Three Moheatos look like they’ve finally figured things out, especially James and Wade.  At one point this marriage never looked like it was going to work, now it looks like a match made in heaven.  But can the Celtics stop them?  Can they figure out a way to slow them down at all? Continue reading


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The NBA’s Home Stretch… Part Deux!

This is Part Two of the NBA Home Stretch article.  For Part One click here

Side note… this is post #100 so congrats to me on that.  I expect cards, balloons, and money from all of you for such an accomplishment.  The fact that I’ve stuck with this and made it to 100 is truly amazing.  For those of you who have been reading and keeping up over all this time I say sincerely… Thank you!  Here’s to 100 more posts!


Part Two, The Playoff Teams.  At least if the playoffs started today. Continue reading

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