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Browns Win 6-3; Knute Rockne Rolls Over in His Grave

The Cleveland Browns won a football game yesterday.

It’s also possible that Franklin Roosevelt was re-elected president, My female family members donated their nylons to the war effort, and prohibition was finally overturned.

Was I magically teleported to the pre-1950 United States?  I don’t think so, because I was able to watch the Browns game yesterday in color on this fancy doohickey called a computer thanks to something all the kids are calling the internet.  The other more obvious proof that I was still in the year 2011 was Seattle’s uniforms.  Seriously, they’re still rolling out onto the field each week with those greenish/blue monstrosities?  Regardless, what I watched bore no resemblance to football in the year 2011 and probably set professional football back 60 years… at least.  Knute Rockne, inventor and first implementor of a forward passing offense, is rolling over in his grave as we speak. Continue reading


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