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2011 NFL Preview

The NFL gets back under way tomorrow which means another four months of me screaming at the TV watching the Browns and second guessing every move I made in fantasy football.  Needles to say, it’s a fun time of year when you’re a fan of a team that’s continuously on the losing end of the spectrum.  But this year will be different for the Browns.  Colt McCoy looks primed to have a great year under new head coach Pat Shurmur’s west coast offense, Peyton Hillis is good to go, and the rest of the team finally looks like it’s starting to fall into place.  Will the Browns win the division?  Probably not.  But this should be the first fun season we’ve seen in a long while.

But  how will this thing play out for everyone?  Well… I’m here to tell you.  And I apologize, the formatting for this post went haywire and I have no clue how to fix it.  Bear with me. Continue reading

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Curse of the Cleveland QBs: 2010 Edition

Quarterbacks in the city of Cleveland are cursed.  As if the list of starting quarterbacks for the Browns since 1999 isn’t proof enough, this year’s quarterback issues are sure to add to the lore.  Hang on folks, things are about to get frightening.

This year the Browns have managed to start three different quarterbacks, all of which came into this season at varying points in their careers.  First there was Jake Delhomme, the wily veteran who had something to prove.  Then came Seneca Wallace, the beleaguered career back up in his athletic prime looking for his first legitimate shot to start.  Last and most recently, came Colt McCoy.  The rookie quarterback from the University of Texas who would be dubbed the potential savior of the franchise.  Besides, wearing the orange and brown, there is something else that will forever bind them… the ankle sprain.

A sprain, for those of you who aren’t aware is an injury that occurs to the ligaments in the joint.  It is usually the result of an unnatural twisting of the joint or planting on an uneven surface.  For the Browns it has become the albatross hanging around everyone’s neck.  Three quarterbacks, three ankle sprains.  Two of the three, Delhomme and Wallace, have been confirmed to be the more painful and far more sever high ankle sprain.  Yesterday Eric Mangini and his shadow of secrecy would neither confirm nor deny whether or not McCoy had also suffered a high ankle sprain.  He would only confirm that it was in fact a sprained ankle. Continue reading

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