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Super Bowl XLVII: MTV Unplugged Edition

Alright, who the hell plugged in a space heater?

When the lights inside the Superdome went out last night all I could do is sit back and laugh. I mean, first of all, I found it hilarious that one of the most elaborately choreographed events in all of American sports was subject to the same kind of technical disaster usually reserved for the most amateur of sporting endeavors. Second, the thought of all those millionaires and billionaires who paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to attend freaking out and preparing their class action lawsuits by candle light gave me a good chuckle. It was high comedy. Continue reading

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Ravens Make it to the Super Bowl… #*%$!!!!

How do I get to the I-480 bridge again?

As the score became more and more lopsided and the clock ticked ever closer to zero in yesterday’s AFC Championship game, it started to sink in. The Baltimore Ravens were headed to the Super Bowl for the second time in franchise history.

Cleveland’s nightmare has become a reality… again.

Crap! Continue reading

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Letters From a Cleveland Fan: An Open Letter to Saints Fans

Dear Saints Fans,

Wow… just… wow.

How you guys holding up?  That was pretty traumatic what you just went through on Saturday.  Hell, it was traumatic for me.  I live in New Orleans, I root for the Saints, I’m one of you (the football fan part, not the “South shall rise again” part).  Believe me, I can relate.  Being from Cleveland I’ve been through my fair share of sports heartache what with “Red Right 88″ and “The Drive” and “The Fumble”… and “The Shot”… and “1995″… and “Game 7″… and “The Choke”… and this is just depressing.  I need to stop.

What I’m trying to say is that having been through this before, I can tell you that everything is going to be ok.  It’s not the end of the world.  Granted, you took normal sports heartache and completely raised the stakes to a level even Cleveland hasn’t necessarily seen.  You just endured “The Drive x2″ and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory twice in the same game to a team you should have beaten.  After all, you were the superior team.  That’s brutal.  No one should have to endure that… ever!  But, that’s sports and that’s why we watch them.  Am I right?

However, unlike myself and the rest of Cleveland sports fans, there is a glimmer of hope for you guys.  This wasn’t your one shot completely out of nowhere.  You won’t have to endure years or even decades of losing before you get another chance at glory.  The Saints are still a good football team and there’s no reason not to think next year won’t be another great season for you guys.  They should totally be in contention to go to the Super Bowl next season… a Super Bowl that will be played in your own stadium. 

The Saints could be the first team to ever play a Super Bowl in their home stadium.  Think of the party you could throw for that.  It would be epic… Quite possibly the greatest party to ever be thrown in the history of mankind.  See, now you’re excited.

This team is going to be motivated and hungry next season to make amends for what just happened.  They’re going to want to get back to the Super Bowl for the exact same reason you want them to be there; to throw the best damn party ever.  If you don’t think this won’t have a positive effect on this team, you’re crazy.

Get ready Who Dat Nation… 2012-13 might be the real season of dreams… and hangovers.


A Cleveland Fan (Who happens to live in New Orleans)

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Week 8: Browns vs. 49ers

And here we go again.  Another week, another chance to waste three hours of my life watching the Browns.  Luckily for me I have absolutely nothing better to do so how much can I really complain?  Well, I won’t complain, but the Yankee Loving Fiancee can… and she does… and then she makes fun of me.  Even still, that doesn’t mean I have to like what I’m watching and over the course of the past 3 games the Browns haven’t made that much of an issue.

This week, the lucky winner of a date with the Cleveland Browns is the San Francisco 49ers.  Heading into the year this was looking like a cake walk game given how bad the 49ers have been the past few years and the issues they’ve had trying to turn Alex Smith into a competent quarterback.  Of course as luck would have it, the Browns don’t get to take on a 1-5 49er’s team.  No, they get a 49ers team that is 5-1 and looks like it might be the best team in the NFC not named the Green Bay Packers. Continue reading

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