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The Red Sox Deliver a September to Remember

For anyone that knows me or follows this blog with any kind of regularity, it should be more than obvious that baseball is my favorite sport.  With the countless number of hours I’ve spent playing and watching baseball I figured I had seen all there is to possibly see.  Last night, I was proven wrong as the Red Sox and Rays showed us all why sports are better than any reality tv show or scripted drama you could come up with.  You couldn’t have written a better ending to the 2011 regular season then what they penned last night.

All the Red Sox needed to do was win in order to ensure at least a one game playoff this afternoon.  The same went for Tampa; win and you’re guaranteed a tomorrow.  The most likely scenario to play out appeared to be a one game playoff.  The Red Sox were playing the Baltimore Orioles, cellar dwellers in the AL East and one of the worst teams in baseball.  The Rays were playing the Yankees, who had sealed their playoff fate weeks ago and were playing scrubs and setting up their rotation.  How could both teams not win and force game 163? Continue reading


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